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Museum of the Mayan Ruins of Xihuacan

Undoubtedly the Mayan civilization has been one of the great contributors to the ancient world and Mexico is fortunate to still have remnants of great culture.

At the site visitors will have a complete vision of this powerful civilization with impressive structures dating back more than 3,000 years.

The main ruins of the site are the pyramid called "Soledad de Marciel". The museum houses relics and excavated objects such as vases, pots, ceramics, axes and more.

This ceremonial center, the largest in the state of Guerrero and better known by the locals as La Chole, is located 20 minutes from Zihuatanejo and was occupied by the Tomil, Cuitlateco and Tepozteca cultures. During the visit you can see a large mud pyramid, unique in Mexico with a base of one hectare, a ball game and the Xihuacan Site Museum. It is one of the most visited pre-Hispanic centers by tourists and locals who come to recharge their bodies with positive energy in this emblematic and ancestral site during the spring equinox on March 21.

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