Catalina Beach Resort

Health Protocol

Must meet the following requirements:

  • Keep a healthy distance, at least 2 meters when being with others
  • The use of face masks is mandatory in public and private spaces
  • Frequent application of antibacterial gel
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Daily body temperature measurement
  • Respect the rules and internal policies of the hotel to maintain its security and integrity at 100%

In the Reception of the Catalina Beach Resort Hotel, the counter has two distance screens.

A hygienic corner is installed where the client will have at their disposal hydro-alcoholic gel and masks, as well as all the information about the actions that will ensure safety during their stay.

To minimize the time at the reception, the check-in and check-out processes will be streamlined by requesting prior information and sending the invoice by email. All materials delivered to the client -for example, keys or documentation- will be thoroughly disinfected. People staying in the rooms of the Catalina Beach Resort hotel will find hydroalcoholic gel for use in the common areas (Restaurant Linda Vista, Panoramic Bar, Beach Bar, Pool and Corridors).

As for the rooms, the new reinforced cleaning protocol affects the elements that customers touch the most, such as remote controls for television, air conditioning and mega cable -which will be packed after being disinfected for each new visitor-, telephones, door handles, taps or shower controls. In addition, before the entrance of each client, a chlorinated solution will be applied in the room that would serve to eliminate the coronavirus if it had landed on any surface, including textiles (bedspreads, sheets and towels).

Kitchens and Restaurants

Hotel Catalina Beach Resort is a company that is integrated in the application of the sanitization protocols previously indicated through the Secretary of Health, which guarantee food safety. Now he will redouble controls both in his kitchen and in his restaurant and his two bars. In addition, the capacity of the gastronomic spaces will be reduced to increase the distance between tables and the cutlery of each diner, they will be arranged in boxes and previously disinfected.

For the reception of merchandise, Hotel Catalina Beach Resort will reinforce the existing procedure. The goods will be cleaned upon arrival at a sanitation point and the warehouses will be disinfected daily using a damp cloth with chlorinated water. Likewise, responsible declarations will be requested from all suppliers in order to guarantee that the necessary security controls have been carried out at the origin and in the transport of the goods.

In turn, there will be disinfectant gel dispensers in all hotel rooms and common spaces for clients and workers. All textiles (sheets, bedspreads, towels, etc.) will undergo a disinfection process with soap, chlorinated water and steam. The rooms will be sanitized with products to combat the virus and all objects and furniture will be continuously disinfected, among other measures.

Free Personal Assistant

In addition, the online check-in system has been implemented that will reduce the presence of customers at the reception, limit the time spent by guests in common spaces and streamline processes. In this way, ** customers can do everything from their homes ** and once at the hotel, go directly to their rooms attended by hotel staff, (bell boy) who will take them to their room.

Main aspects of the Hotel's internal protocol:

  • Sterilization treatment of all hotel linen and textiles
  • Homologation of all cleaning products by the health authorities
  • Inclusion in the client's amenities (masks and hydroalcoholic gel)
  • Temperature measurement to all clients.
  • Personnel with masks, protective masks, gloves, depending on the department.
  • All food and drinks will be served in individual and closed portions
  • Option of breakfast served directly at the table (Restaurant) or room service according to the client's preference and avoiding movement of people.
  • Disinfectant trays with chlorinated water and/or sanitizing mat to avoid contagion from shoes and luggage wheels (located in strategic places, such as the hotel lobby and consumption centers.
  • Specific new signaling protocol with safety distances distributed in the different areas of the hotel.
  • Important Note: These preventive health measures will be modified as our authorities modify them and according to the traffic light that they indicate to us.

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About Us

Catalina Beach Resort

Catalina Beach Resort is a small but charming hotel, which is surrounded by blooming tropical gardens on a hill overlooking Playa La Ropa, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Our hotel is located about 10 minutes by car from the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo International Airport.